This house was built in the 1950’s and had the old aluminum windows and glass in it. When we put the new Cal Comfort Windows in the first thing we noticed was the noise reduction. The noise was reduced by 50%. Then we noticed our electric bills went down in spite of the recent rate increases. We also love the way the windows look, beautiful!

Everyone at Cal Comfort Windows were wonderful, they treated us like we were the most important people. They did an incredible job, there was no mess, in fact, I wasn’t home when they did the installation. When I came home, I couldn’t even tell they’d been there except the windows looked fantastic.

And their pricing was very good. We’d priced windows 10 years ago and I was afraid the prices might have gone way up. But I was pleasantly surprised by how really affordable the windows were. I would absolutely refer Cal Comfort Windows to everyone looking to improve the comfort, look and value of their home with replacement windows.